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About PCS313

Since its founding in 1996, Personal Car Service 313 has built an undisputed reputation in providing personal transportation to both national and international companies. During these almost three decades, we have proven to be a reliable partner for our valued customers. Our services embody the core values of comfort, safety, punctuality, professionalism and quality.

In addition to our extensive range of transport services, we also provide the transport of important and confidential documents. With precision and speed, we guarantee that your documents are delivered at the right time and to the right location.

Our team of seven experienced drivers have extensive experience and is thoroughly trained. They are in possession of all required diplomas and certificates. In addition, our drivers maintain strict confidentiality obligations to ensure that your journey to your destination is comfortable and relaxing.

Personal Car Service 313's modern fleet consists of luxurious Mercedes cars equipped with amenities such as air conditioning and WiFi. These facilities enable our customers to work efficiently while on the road.

Our customers appreciate the care and dedication with which we provide reliable, comfortable and safe transport. We continually strive to treat every customer with the utmost respect and dignity.