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About PCS313

Personal Car Service 313 provides personal transportation for national and international companies, since 1996.
In our twenty years of operating, we have proved to be a reliable partner for personal car services. Our services are built upon reliability, safety, punctuality, professionalism and quality.
PCS313 also takes care of the transportation of your important documents. Fast and highly confidential, we make sure your documents are at the right place at the right time.

Our six male drivers and one female driver are very experienced and highly trained.  All of our drivers possess the necessary diplomas and certificates.
At Personal Car Service 313 we have a duty of confidentiality.
Personal Car Service 313 operates a modern fleet of prestigious air-conditioned, wifi-equiped cars; therefore work-en-route is a possibility. We ensure you will arrive comfortably and relaxed at your destination.

Our customers appreciate our dedication to providing reliable, comfortable and safe transportation, as well as our commitment to treating each customer with respect and dignity.